Configuring and using Netscape

Netscape is a world wide web browser. The most current release also includes an e-mail client and a Usenet news client. It is a very complicated program and there are quite a few customizable controls.

Using Netscape

Using Netscape is a pretty simple prospect. There are links, these are a different color and are underlined. These links lead to different documents (called pages in webese). You display these documents by clicking on the links with your mouse. The "back" button takes you back to the last page that you were last viewing. Continuing to click the "back" button takes you further back down the road you've traveled. (Once you've used the "back" button, you can use the "forward" button to return to a later page.) The home button takes you to the document specified under "options/general prefrences/appearance/start with:".

The rest is all window dressing.

The most valuable thing you can do is learn to use bookmarks. When you are at a page that you feel you will definitely revisit--such as the Dilbert cartoon archive-- make the exact page you want to return to active (by making sure it is the in your browser window) and select "bookmarks/Add a bookmark". This will add the page to a list of pages under the bookmark pull down menu. To return to a page you've bookmarked, click on bookmarks and choose the page from the list. It's that simple.

Netscape is a very complicated program and if you want to learn more about how to use it, just try following your nose and surf a bit. Another option is to go to your local library and look for a copy of a Using netscape or Netscape for dummies book. Both of these books go over all you could possible want to know about the Netscape web browser.

Table of Contents for Netscape

* Personal Edition Configuration
* Configuration of Netscape from an ftp site

Netscape from a ftp site

One problem with Netscape as it is downloaded from the ftp site is that it does not include an internet dialer. An internet dialer is what establishes the PPP connection nessasary for Netscape to function. This dialer, or Winsock, must be in place before the Netscape program will function. If it isn't, you will double-click on the Netscape icon and nothing will happen. The first step, therefor, is to install and configure a winsock. Instructions for installing a winsock under Win 95 can be found. Installing a Winsock under Win 3.1x is a little more complicated than under Win 95. Win 3.1x does not have a winsock. You will need a third party winsock. One such third party software solution is the Trumpet winsock. Instructions for installing the Trumpet Winsock under Win 3.1x can be found here. If you purchase your copy of Netscape, this is all academic. The retail version includes a winsock. Instructions for configuring it can be found here

Once the winsock is installed you can go about the process of setting up Netscape. For the retail version, follow the instructions in the Netscape setup program. When you have finished the registration process, there are a still a few things to you will want to do.

Double click on the Netscape icon if Netscape is not currently active.

Select options from the menu bar.

Select General prefrences from the options menu.

Select the appearance tab.

Under Start with: select "home page location".

In the text box just below this last option type in the following:


click on OK.

Select options from the menu bar.

Select Mail and news prefrences from the options menu.

Select the Identify Tab.

Enter Your name.

Enter your email address in the form jpublic@wcnet.org

Selct the Servers Tab.

Under Outgoing mail (SMTP) server enter mail.wcnet.org

Under Incoming mail (POP) server enter mail.wcnet.org

Under POP username enter your username.

Under News (NNTP) server enter news.wcnet.org

Select the Organization Tab.

Enable the check box Remember mail password if you want the program to remember your e-mail password.

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Configuring Netscape Personal Edition

Netscape personal edition as purchased in a store is an entirely different prospect because it does does have dialer/winsock. Here is the process for configuring Netscape personal edition.

Follow the instruction in the box and start the setup program.

Click on the Netscape personal edition setup wizard.

Choose "Already have an account"

As each screen of configuration information is presented fill in the blanks with the requested information and click next.

domain = wcnet.org
gateway = wcnet.org
DNS Numbers =, pop account YourUserName@wcnet.org
NNTP (news) server = news.wcnet.org
SMTP (mail) server = mail.wcnet.org
phone number = Enter the phone number you received from WCnet. (See Note 1)

Please recognize that this is not all the information that the program will request it is only the information that is specific to the wcnet setup. Any other information is specific to your machine and where you live.

When the program asks if you want the program to automatically detect your modem click yes (ok). If the program cannot detect your modem you will need to select a generic (or Hayes compatible) modem with the appropriate speed. If you have a 14.4 modem select a 14.4 Hayes compatible, etc..

When the program presents a button that says finish, go ahead and press it. Your configuration should be complete.

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