Clearing the Cache Netscape 4.0

Clearing the cache on your browser can result in improved performance when visiting new unseen web sites. The cache can also cause you not to see the current state of a web site. The cache is a local copy of web images and documents that you have recently visited. This speeds the display of the site the next time you visit a particular page or when you hit the back button. The cache works to speed the display of web sites you have visited before because all the complicated graphics need not be downloaded to your computer before showing the page. It can however cause a degredation in your performance because keeping track of cache images takes memory. If your browser seems slow when visiting new web sites or you know that you are not seeing the current version of a web site try going to a nuetral web site like the WcNet home page and clearing the memory and disk cache in your browser.

Select the Preferecnces menu item from the edit menu. In previous versions of netscape the Preferences menus are located under the options menu.

Select Advanced and then select Cache from the pick box on the left hand side of the prefrences dialog. In older versions of netscape select the Network Preferences menu item.

Preferences dialog

Clear the memory cache by pressing the Clear Memory Cache button and saying okay when asked.

Clear the disk cache by pressing the Clear Disk Cache button and saying okay when asked.

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