Yes, this is me in uniform for my vintage baseball team, the Wood County Infirmary Inmates.  The team is sponsored by the Wood County Historical Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio, and has played teams from Carey, Sycamore, Fremont, and North Canton this year.

Vintage baseball is played by rules from the 1860s.  No one wears gloves (which would be the deal-breaker for most people, I'd suspect).  All pitching is done underhanded with the arm perpendicular to the ground.  You can throw as hard as you want, but it's difficult to throw very fast that way.  Fortunately, I can throw underhanded knuckleballs, which bother the opposing batters no end.  Also, a ball caught on the first bound is an out, and a batted ball that hits in fair territory and then rolls into foul ground is still a fair ball.  The baseball itself is a little larger than a present-day one, and since they are handmade, they grow softer as the game goes on.

This was the second year of operation for the team, and my first year in it.  We managed to win a game, a 13-10 decision over Sycamore at Findlay on July 30.

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