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A few things to check on BEFORE you send any questions about your page's codes...90 percent of all coding errors are typos....mis-spelled words in the codes, missing brackets, words strung together where there should be spaces (A HREF...needs a space) and vice versa, missing closing tags (don't forget the slash / in front of the closing tag), missing quotes " " around codes...that sort of thing. Please double and triple check all your codes before asking about them. After all that is what I would have to do...go back to your source code and check all the coding to find the problem.

If you find the error yourself by re-checking everything on the lessons it will make you feel so much better than having to ask for help. I know...I've been there too! And it does feel great to find your error, correct it, and then see it work right. A natural high!

When you are really stuck and can't find the problem...feel free to use this form to ask questions, or to ask any questions that I might not of answered properly in the text. I am trying to keep things simple to learn for everyone and sometimes I may understand what I am trying to say....but you would not. So...by all means send me your questions... comments... suggestions...


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What question do you have about the coding on your page?

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