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Lesson 16

Preformatted Text | Indenting Text | Break Out of Frames



Did you ever want your text to appear EXACTLY as you are typing it in your HTML document. That means that when you insert a blank link in your document, it will show up on your page. This can be handy, but use it wisely. You will need to check your page often because sometimes it just doesn't appear the way you want it to. And make sure you check it AFTER you upload it, live on the internet.

NOTE: Watch how long you make your lines with this because they will continue on to the right of the page until you hit that return key. You could end up with a scroll bar along the bottom of your screen.

     This is an example of preformatted text. 
     I spaced in 5 spaces for these lines.
     I did a double space return for this line.
        I spaced in 8 spaces for this line.
     This is the default font.
     But, you can Bold the line.
        Italicize it.
        And Underline, or all three.
     You can use the Font code to change it.
	      This font is Arial. 

Okay...OK...the code. It's very simple, there is an opening and closing tag to begin the preformat and to end it. Make sure you end it! :o]

<PRE> and </PRE>



Did you ever want to quote something and make it stand out on your page? Normally something quoted is indented from both sides of the page, kinda centered down the center of your page.

This code will give you a half inch margin on both side of your page. Use it for quoting something or someone. Or, you could use to it make something stand out on your page.

Most people use this code for indenting text, but remember the whole paragraph will be indented. This would work best for that when using a title or one liner.

Here is the code you use to begin and end your quote...


In case you did not notice, the last three paragraphs above were written with the blockquote. See how they have the 1/2" borders? You can also use regular codes inside the blockquotes.



When visitors come to your web page you never know where they are coming from. Some may be in a frame environment when they click your link. Your page would then be opened up on the main section (usually the right side) of their frame page. So, visitors would be seeing your page on part of someone else's page, and your link would not even show up in the scroll bar (where the address is in the browser window.)

There is an easy way you can combat this problem. This code would be provided for your visitor on the TOP of your web page, so the visitor could use the link if they needed to.

Trapped in a Frame? Break out here! (Or some such wording.)

Trapped in a Frame? <a href="http://wcnet.org/~htmlhelp" target="_top">Break out here!</a>

Explanation: All you are doing is providing a link to your page, make sure it is the FULL link starting right with the http://...

We are then giving the page a target of "_top". Remember this is the target that will open the link in a full page, but use the same browser window we are already in. Advanced lesson #2 - Targets.

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