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SAVING:Open Notepad in Windows, starting on the blank screen you can begin keying in your code. After keying in some code you will want to save the document as an htm document. This is how to do that...

Instructions for SAVING your code in Notepad...

  1. To save; go up to the File button (click) and then click on Save As... Another screen will pop up.
  2. In the File Name box key in a Name for your document. Name it something that means something to you (don't just name them page1, page2 and so on). We will be naming the page for our lessons... lesson.htm -use all lower case letters when saving...it will be alot easier for you in the long run. Key this in here now, exactly as shown, with the .htm extension.
  3. Where it says...Save As Type, press the down arrow button and choose, All Files (*.*)
  4. Before pressing the Save button make sure you are in the correct folder you want your items saved in. At the top of this box is a line that says Save in:. Basically your system could be anywhere (in any folder) at this point.
    1. Click on the down arrow by Save in.
    2. Find the (C:) and press that, this takes you to your basic folders list.
    3. Go to the folder you created above and press on that (HTMLdocs).
    4. Go to the sub-folder and press on that (Lesson).
    5. Note: the folder extensions will list in the Save in box.
  5. Please check your filename again before you actually press that SAVE button. If the name is what you want go ahead and press the Save button.


VIEWING: To view your document open up your browser (without going online, might need to choose a button that says Work Offline) and follow these steps. Remember you must have all your graphics with your .htm document in the same folder to view them properly. This is a nice feature because you can view your page before actually uploading it to the net....and you should do this often. :o]

  1. In your browsers window click on File
  2. Now click on Open
  3. Click on the Browse button
  4. On the top where it says Look In: click on the down arrow
  5. Click on (C:) for C drive or whatever your hard drive letter is
  6. Look for the folder we created and double-click on it (or them)
  7. Double click on the name of the HTML document you just created and it will open in your browser window.
  8. Remember to click on the Refresh or Reload button (in your browser window) after you make any changes to your page, so you can see them properly. NOTE: You can leave this window open in the background so you don't have to open it all the time, if you are working on that particular page. Remember to hit that refresh (or reload) button after making changes.


UPLOADING: For Wood County FreeNet users...when you upload your files to the server you must be in your public_html folder before you begin to upload. This folder will show up on the screen after logging into the system with your FTP software. All you need to do is double click on the folder and it will open up, just like the folders on your hard drive. ONLY upload or delete items to/in this folder. DO NOT delete any of the other folders or files you see when you first sign in.

TIP: Have a scrap sheet of paper next to you when you are working on your HTML documents. On this piece of paper, write down the names (with extensions) of the files and graphics you are adding, changing, or deleting (make a separate list for the ones you want to delete). This is the list you will go by when you are ready to upload your items to your server. Believe me it is hard to remember them all and it never fails you always miss one. I can even miss one doing it this way!   :o]

When you do go and view your page and something is missing, the first thing that should come to mind is: Did I upload this image? Go back and upload it, hit the refresh or reload button on your browser, after uploading, to see if it is now there.

Also, check the name of the file you keyed on your page to the name of the file on your computer...it is very easy to make mistakes keying in the file names. This is why I told you earlier to key in all your document names with lower case letters. Lower or Upper case letters in your file names will make a difference when you upload your pages. If you upload a page called Lesson.htm and you have it listed somewhere on your page as lesson.htm it will be incorrect and will not load.

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Created and Updated by Kathy Brandt ~ 1/28/2000