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Welcome to my web page.  Here you will find astronomical images taken from my Northwest Ohio home.  My most recent images can be found by clicking on the Recent Images link above.

Recently I was fortunate enough to be on a flight which took me directly over Meteor Crater. Here is the result:


My scopes include:  a 10" Meade LX200 in an observatory in the backyard, an Orion short tube 80 which I use piggyback on the lx200 and a Televue 101 which is used for visual observing until I receive an AP1200 later this year.  I use a Pictor 416xte for most of my imaging.  I plan on adding photos to the equipment page as time allows.

I hope you enjoy my views of the universe.  

Please e-mail me your comments 

 Last Updated 3/23/2003  

The nearest clearsky clock to my observatory is located approximately 40 miles to the north. In general, the weather is the same for both locations, however, Ritter Observatory is closer to Lake Erie and more succeptable to marine layer conditions.