Presidential Election 2008:


Researching the Candidates


(The contents of this document were compiled by Lee McLaird, LWVBG member and Curator of Rare Books at BGSU's Center for Archival Collections.)


Non-Partisan Election Sites on the Internet


            CNN: America Votes 2008



            Information about the candidates and the election.  Includes links to news

            stories and analysis.


            P2008: The 2008 Presidential Campaign



            Includes links to candidates’ web sites, new sites about the election,

            information about the political parties, analysis of the campaign, etc.


League of Women Voters


Resource guide for information about voting and candidates.


            Librarians’ Index to the Internet:



            Links to a wide variety of Internet sites, including a brief description           of the 

            type of information to be found.


   Presidency 2008



            Links to a wide variety of Internet sites about the candidates and about the

            2008 election, including third-party candidates.


Project Vote Smart: 2008 Presidential Candidates



            Information about each candidate includes: biographical information,

            campaign finance, issue positions, interest group ratings, voting records,

            and public statements.  Not all information is available for some lesser

            known candidates.




Non-Partisan Sites: Finding What the Candidates Have Said


            Congressional Record (GPO Access)



            A searchable database of proceedings on the floor of Congress, listing

            remarks both by and about the subject.


            Congressional Record (Thomas)



            A searchable database of proceedings on the floor of Congress. This page

            for the 110th Congress includes links to earlier congresses.


            Lexis Nexis Congressional

            For on-campus and off-campus access, see the University Libraries’

Research Databases page and type “Lexis Nexis” and choose Congressional:



Searchable full text database of many newspapers, magazines, newswires, etc. Coverage varies for individual titles.


            Google News

            From Google’s main page, select News, then News Archive Search



            Searchable full text database of many newspapers and news organization



            Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents



            A weekly compilation of every public word spoken by the President.


            The White House: Presidential News & Speeches



            The text of Presidential speeches, news conferences, etc.








 Non-Partisan Sites: Campaign Finance


            Federal Election Commission



The official source of information on campaign finances. This site does not

have as much detailed data as some of the private Internet sites.





Information about campaign finances of candidates running for federal offices.


            PoliticalMoneyLine: Money in Politics Database



Information about candidates’ campaign finances.  Some of the information on this site is available only to subscribers.


Non-Partisan Sites: Finding Polls on the Internet


            Gallup Organization



            The official site for Gallup, a major polling organization. This site includes

            data from a selected group of their Polls.


            Pew Research Center for the People and the Press



            Poll results for issues, including the election.





            A site that includes polling data from a variety of sources.


            The Roper Center: Election 2008



            Polling data on the 2008 election.





Political Party Sites


Republican National Committee



McCain for President



Ohio Republican Party



Democratic National Committee



Obama for President



Ohio Democratic Party


Nader/Gonzalez 2008                                  


Libertarian Party                                          


Green Party                                                    


Non-Partisan Sites: Facts and Analysis & General Fact-checking




            Sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University            of

            Pennsylvania.  It accepts no funding from business corporations, labor

            unions, political parties, lobbying organizations or individuals.




            C-SPAN is a private, non-profit company, created by the cable television

industry. It receives no government funding; operations are funded by fees paid by cable and satellite affiliates who carry C-SPAN programming.




Sponsored by the St. Petersburg, Florida Times newspaper and the

Congressional Quarterly, it features analysis of claims made by candidates and rates them on their level of truth.


            Urban Legends Reference Pages


            More than a political site, this is also a good source for checking out

            Internet hoaxes.




            Sponsored by the Washington Post, this site features analysis of

            candidate claims and rates them on truthfulness.