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Lesson 14

Colors | Shorter Link Codes | Fixed Background



On this page we will try to make your life a little easier with some short-cut codes. Let's check out a different way to do our color codes. Remember the codes are:

Well, instead of using the numbers, you know...having to look them up every time because it's too hard to remember them...you can use the name of the color. Your basic colors will work this way....red, green, black, white, yellow, purple, orange, blue, brown, grey.....and a few others. Word size does not matter, as long as you spell the color correctly. And you can key in the color name in all upper or all lower case letters.

So, to replace the codes above, they would look like this:

Oh...the wonders of HTML coding!!!     :o]



Here is another time saver, but it only works with your own pages, because your pages are all on your server.

When you key in links to other pages you have to use the A HREF code and key in the whole WWW address to the page you want to link to. Some of these page addresses can get quite lengthy. Well, if you want to link to your own pages there is a short cut you can use.

Here is the whole address to the HTML Help page's Homepage...

<A HREF="http://www.wcnet.org/~htmlhelp">HTML Help</A>

That's not too bad, but we can shorten it alot!

<A HREF="index.htm">HTML Help</A>

Noticed that I used the name index for this page. That is because this is my index page for these HTML Pages. On my computer it is called index.htm and when I load it to the server it is called index.htm. You must remember to label your index.htm document with this name.

Another example...say I wanted to take you to the Saving, Viewing, Upload, Tips page. Here is the long version of the code:

<A HREF="http://www.wcnet.org/~htmlhelp/saving.htm">Saving Tips</A>

And the shortened version:

<A HREF="saving.htm">Saving Tips</A>

Kinda neat!!

Let's take this a step further. What if we created a folder on our server called cubs, for Cub Scouting. Inside this folder we are putting all of our cub scout pages and graphics. It helps to keep them separate from everything else, right? Yes, and I have done that on my GeoCities part of the server.

When we create our shortened version of the link tag we need to include that folder name or the browser will not be able to find the page. Example: Here is the longer version of my cub scout page:

<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/pembervilloh/cubs/pack344.htm">Pack 344</A>

Wow! Now that's kinda long. I can shorten that a lot, but can only use the shortened version on my GeoCities pages. If I tried to use that on this page, the browser would look for the folder cubs, which doesn't exist on this server.

<A HREF="/cubs/pack344.htm">Pack 344</A>

Notice I keyed in the /cubs/pack344.htm as my targeted page. That is because the document pack344.htm is in the cubs folder. We have to find the folder /cubs first before we can find the document pack344.htm. The slashes divide them up.



Did you ever see a page with a fixed background? The background, which is usually some sort of scene, stays in the back while the words and graphics scroll up and down the screen, on top of the background.

OK...the code is very easy. You add this line to your BODY tag, just like you added the TEXT and LINK codes inside the body tag, you add this in the same spot.


That's it...pretty easy!

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Created and Updated by Kathy Brandt ~ 2/26/2005